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Nov 5, 2013 6:30am PST
about life and things are going really well. his program in one sentence raising taxes to fund education and social services i'd like to be close. i think he had that opportunity if he wins build a blind steal a progressive democrats will take over from michael bloomberg after twelve years in power. like the billionaire he worked for non profit organization decades ago he supported the koran was sandinista government. when pres reagan was against it. today he focuses on local issues and that is mochi ethnic family for not hesitating to dance with his children to the camera. the more families involved in the election. his sons andrew haircut has even become a centerpiece of the blind see this campaign still most of those who support the democrats do so because he promises a fairer and more people in new york we have a strong city but we need a more fair city the big apple's middle class is also enthusiastic about the democratic candidate the longest policies will bring rents down a blind steal promises to build two hundred thousand extra affordable housing units in the city. with goals to
Nov 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
real beast in charge of the education i meant to indicate that's a real problem and understand understand and some examples exist today mostly the kids to school. this intimate rule when you see the ob is no cellphone companies and in some industries and especially in a comically just when you understand that it's going to try to change her look in awe of our own interests and not in the interest of the citizens so i understand that it's a bad team each. even if it's no learnt that demand an end of the pond and discuss ways to the front of thousands in charge of this mystical way are in charge of the station will get back to of course is that salt to taste a bit stefan just tell us know what kind of seconds you are in bold them and how the school being persons works howdy you actually know what happens in these meetings with any peas in a tree the united email if it is we were both too sick to dubuque services and social economy. that was that we like to say is that it's the ndp members of the european parliament a very accessible and the icing was this is the israeli open and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2